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How to Look Expensive And What You Should Avoid

How to look expensive

Looking expensive sometimes depends on how you decide to style yourself. As society keeps growing, certain lifestyles keep upgrading.

To look expensive and beautiful even when you don’t have much is an act. When you look expensive/ aesthetically pleasing, you will engage with more people.

In this article, I have some tips that can boost your standards if you follow them.

7 tips you need to look expensive.

1. Match Your Shoes and Bag

Make sure you step out with matched shoes and bags; if you have shoes & bags of the same name and color, you can carry them. Black and Brown are among the most popular colors and go with most outfits.

2. Take Good Care Of Your Skin

Regardless of the attire you are putting on, if your skin is not smooth, then you might not fully achieve the expensive look you desire. Your skin is essential, so take good care of it.

Numerous affordable bathing soaps and creams work wonders; they ensure that your skin is brighter, smoother, and soft; pick the one that suits your skin.

3. Wear Stylish Dark Sunglasses

Dark sunglasses can make you look expensive; there are numerous sunglasses on my business page on IG; visit @shop.zizapearls, and you can also get them in the nearest offline stores.

4. Make Use Of Classic Jewelry Pieces

If you can afford a piece of expensive jewelry, invest some money in it. But if you can’t afford it, ensure you get the non-tarnish jewelry because if you buy fake ones, they will eventually fade.

There are numerous classic jewelry pieces on the market at affordable prices. You can invest your money in any classic jewelry piece.

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5. Iron or Steam Your Clothes

You will look rough and dirty if you don’t want to iron or steam your clothes; even if you put on an expensive designer shirt, you won’t look expensive.

Always iron your clothes before stepping out regardless of your destination because we meet new people anywhere.

6. Dress Properly And Be Neat Always

It is essential to be neat and dress appropriately. You may think you know how to style yourself, but after little research on our blog and YouTube, you will realize that you are doing so many things wrong. If you continue to read our blog, you’ll be able to learn new styles from some of our style guides.

You can check my other post for ideas on how to dress appropriately.

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7. Take Good Care Of Your Teeth

Invest your money in the best teeth whitening product because there are numerous teeth whitening products online and offline. So make sure you read customer reviews before choosing any teeth whitening product. You can check out the available online stores in Nigeria or supermarkets.

What You Should Avoid when trying to look expensive

1. Don’t Buy below-standard Wear

Suppose you can’t afford designer wear, shoes, and bags. Don’t buy the substandard ones because it will be easy to spot if what you’re wearing is not all that.

2. Don’t do too much editing on Your Photos Before Posting on Social Media

Many people, especially women, edit their photos before uploading them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. Don’t engage in excessive photo editing. Make sure you are real on social media, you may meet your social media follower or friend offline, and it will be an insult and embarrassing if your looks don’t match.

3. Don’t wear clothes that do not suit your shape

Please make sure you wear clothes that fit and look stylish. If you start to get uncomfortable with the clothes you are wearing before you go out, then don’t wear them. Wear things that make you confident.

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