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Best movies on Netflix right now (March 2022)

best movies on netflix right now 2022

The best movies and series on Netflix right now; are based on my recommendations. Most of these movies were rated top 10 on Netflix, so trust me when I say they are lovely.

Ps. I will also review some movies I liked and the overhyped film/series.

best movies and series on Netflix right now 2022
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Best movies on Netflix right now

  • Fistful Of vengeance ( movies )
  • The Wasteland (movie)
  • Tall girls 2 ( movie ): I don’t think the 2 was necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie but leaving it at Tall girls without a Tall girl 2 would have been better.
  • Unbroken (movie)
  • The Tinder swindler (movie); it’s quite appalling that the ladies had to pay the debts even though it was evident that they were tricked, but it serves as a lesson though.
  • War Of The Worlds (movie)
  • The Island (movie)
  • Underworld: Blood Wars (movie): it’s a vampire-related movie
  • All the money in the world(Movie)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (movie)
  • A Medea homecoming (movie): Tyler Perry on this one again.
  • Black Hawk Down (movie)
  • I, Frankenstein (movie)
  • The Kill Team (Movie)
  • The American (Movie)
  • Red notice (movie): I enjoyed the plot twist.
  • Goodmorning, Veronica (Movie)
  • The Royal Treatment (movie): I didn’t enjoy the movie, but the hype was so extra, I thought it would supersede Bridgeton, but it didn’t. You can watch it because of the hype though.

Best movies on Netflix (2020)

Best Series on Netflix right now

  • One Of Us Is Lying (series)
  • Viking:Valhalla (series)
  • Inventing Anna (series): I watched this series because of the lead actress, Julia garner, featured in OZARK, wanted to see if she would be exceptional in the movie. I think she did well; it’s a MUST WATCH
  • Taxi Driver ( a Korean series )
  • All of us are dead (series): Horror; I didn’t watch this movie, I only added it because a friend told me she liked it.
  • Dark Desire (series)
  • The woman in the house across the street, from the girl in the window (series)
  • Manifest (series): I got a lot of reviews about this series, but I haven’t seen it because it feels scary. ( I Don’t think I do well with Horror movies)
  • Undercover (series)
  • The Cook Of Castamere (series)
  • Feria; the darkest light (series)
  • Young Wallander (series)
  • Devotion (series)

For more movies/ series, you can check my previous recommendations best movies on Netflix right now (2020)

If you have any movie recommendations, kindly put it in the comment section; I will gladly watch them.



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